WOODEN MEDAL SUPPLIER: Five wooden medals with the word ox5 run on them.


Born out of the pandemic in 2021, we’re on a mission to offer a sustainable and economic alternative to metal and enamel medals.

We’re a family run business based in Kent, and despatch to clubs and organisations all over the country.

We work with clubs, Race Directors, companies, charities and individuals to design and make unique medals and trophies for their events.

We treat each customer like they’re our only customer, providing a personal service throughout each stage of the process.

WOODEN MEDAL SUPPLIER: Offering a collection of premium wooden medals, each elegantly crafted with intricate designs etched delicately "behind the lines.


At Sustainable Medals, we’re passionate about crafting custom made wooden medals that celebrate achievements while leaving a positive impact on the environment. Our medals are more than just symbols of success; they’re a testament to your dedication and a step towards a greener future.

Eco-Friendly Excellence:

Our medals are crafted from sustainably sourced wood, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional metal medals.

Unique Designs:

Each medal is a work of art, intricately designed to capture the spirit of your event and make every winner feel truly special.

Versatile for All Sports:

From running clubs to sailing teams, rowing enthusiasts to fitness groups, our medals cater to a wide range of sporting events and activities.

Personalisation Options:

Personalise your medals with event names, dates, or unique messages to make them even more memorable.

Commemorate Sustainability:

By choosing wooden medals, you’re making a statement that your event values eco-consciousness and sustainability.

Celebrating Achievements, Preserving Nature

Whether it’s a marathon finish, a regatta victory, or a fitness group milestone, our sustainable wooden medals embody the spirit of accomplishment while contributing to a healthier planet. Join us in embracing a future where achievements and sustainability go hand in hand.