Meet Our Customers: An Interview with Kenilworth Runners

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A woman from Kenilworth Runners proudly holding a medal in front of a group of people.

Meet Our Customers: An Interview with Kenilworth Runners


In the heart of Warwickshire, UK, a community of passionate runners has found its stride, coming together under the banner of the Kenilworth Runners. Established, friendly, and supportive, the Kenilworth Runners club has become a vibrant hub for runners of all backgrounds and abilities. With nearly 300 dedicated members, the club’s mission extends far beyond just lacing up running shoes and hitting the pavement. It is about fostering a spirit of camaraderie, encouraging a love for running across various terrains, and providing unwavering support to every individual who crosses its path.

In this interview, we delve deeper into the background and core mission of the Kenilworth Runners, discovering what drives this diverse group of individuals and how they are making a meaningful impact on their local running community.

Question: Could you provide some insights into the background and core mission of The Kenilworth Runners?

Kenilworth Runners is an established, friendly & supportive Road and Cross Country Running Club with nearly 300 members based in Warwickshire, UK. Kenilworth Runners Mission is to provide a Supportive, Social, Friendly Running Community in the Kenilworth & Warwickshire area for those interested in taking part in, and supporting, running on all types of terrain.

The club offers opportunities for runners of all abilities with our members ranging from graduates of Couch to 5K beginners courses up to our experienced runners who compete at county & national level. At a youth level the club offers training and competition with members able to join from the age of 12.

Kenilworth Runners are proud to offer a supportive, yet competitive environment in which to enjoy running so runners of ALL Abilities & running disciplines feel valued by the club, whether you want to improve your PB, race competitively, or just run for enjoyment. The club is wholly inclusive and it strives for both competitive success at races and simply for our members to enjoy running with other like-minded people.

As a member-led club, it aims to provide all with opportunities to contribute and encourage others to achieve their health, wellbeing, and fitness goals.

Question: What type of individuals typically become members of The Kenilworth Runners, and what are their aspirations and driving forces?

Kenilworth Runners is open to everyone – whether you are a seasoned long distance runner or aspire to run your first 5k. Individuals and groups of runners enter many local and some not so local races from Parkruns to marathons and also trail running events up to ultra-distance. Whatever our members’ running goals, they are equally supported in their training by the England Athletics accredited run coaches and leaders in the club.

Question: How does The Kenilworth Runners provide assistance and motivation to individuals who are new to running or may not possess extensive experience?

Kenilworth Runners offer Couch to 5K courses every few months that are always very popular. The course ends after a few weeks with the new runners completing a local Parkrun in the company of the course leaders and they always get a big cheer over the line from other club members attending the event. The support doesn’t end there though as they have the option to then join the club as a full member and work on 5 to 10k distances, always at their own pace.

Question: Could you outline the training routines or coaching options available through The Kenilworth Runners, and how do these offerings enhance the experience for members?

We offer club runs on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and track sessions on a Wednesday night, where typical sessions include:

  • 400m Reps: 12x400m with 90s rest
  • 600m Reps: @ 5K Pace with 90s Recovery – 6, 7 or 8 Reps
  • Alternate 800/400m: @ 5K Pace, fast last 50m each, with 90s Recovery
  • Ravine: 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 400m, 600m, 800, 1000m @ 5k Pace with 90s Recovery

There are always a good number of people who meet up on a Sunday morning for a long run too and there are always coaches available to advise individuals with specific training plans e.g. for a marathon. The friendly support and guidance really helps with motivation and individual targets.

We also have an active youth section that meet on a Monday evening with dedicated and passionate youth coaches and they are encouraged to join in our club handicap races and the cross country league.

Question: What sorts of activities and events does The Kenilworth Runners arrange, and how do these contribute to the sense of unity within the club?

Each year we organise our own Club League Handicap Races where Members compete against their own predicted times, based on past performance. With drinks and free food on offer after the race this league forms a core part of the social fabric of the club. It’s a wonderful opportunity for everyone as you are competing against your past self so it gives every member a chance to excel.

The club also organises the popular Kenilworth Half Marathon each Autumn and the May Day 10k raising money for the club and local charities. We have also recently started to support the Rotary Club by running the very popular local race ‘The Two Castles’- a 10k race that starts at Warwick Castle and finishes at Kenilworth Castle – a lovely race for serious and fun runners and a great charity fundraiser.

Both our Men’s & Ladies’ Teams compete in the Birmingham Cross Country League (Ladies Midlands League) and Gloucestershire XC League and we also enter teams in the Hilly 100 race in the Cotswolds. During the summer road racing season the club competes in the Warwickshire Road Race League against other local clubs.

Question: Do you have any stories of accomplishment to share about members who have realised their fitness or running objectives through The Kenilworth Runners support?

Here are just some of the stories from our wonderful members:

“I found out that is what you could do with Kenilworth Runners, from a friend’s husband. I wanted some of that! I had only been running for a couple of years and with perseverance and determination, I’d got the bug and had already made big in roads to my parkrun PB and 10ks. Running at Edmondscote track sounded great fun, something new, so gave I it a go as a guest member and loved it!

I was one of the slowest but that really didn’t matter as the brilliant atmosphere kept me going back.  Pretty much every Wednesday night since has become one of the highlights of my week.  In the process of having so much fun, gaining some great running buddies, and learning so much about myself and my running, I have made progress I am still finding hard to believe.

In 2 years since joining Kenilworth Runners I’ve knocked over 4 half mins off to go sub 21 in a 5k, and 8 mins off to go sub 44 in a 10k, just through turning up, having lots of fun and giving my running my best shot whilst I’m there! I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of joining a road running club, who also wants this variety of training in their weekly schedule. I love it”

“When I first started running at Kenilworth Runners I could do 3/4 miles but they soon helped  me up to a regular 7/8 miles.  A few years later I’ve now done several half marathons and quite a few obstacle races.  In a few weeks I’m doing my first marathon.   All thanks to the help and support from Kenilworth Runners”

“Joining Kenilworth Runners Youth has been the best thing my son has ever done. Not only does he get great guidance from the club volunteers for a safe and healthy pastime, but twice a week he gets to be part of a team. The confidence that he has gained from being encouraged and supported by other club members at events, from all different ages and abilities, just because he is wearing a club vest has been amazing, and this has spread into all areas of his life . I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!!”

Question: What is your vision for the future of The Kenilworth Runners, and how do you intend to foster expansion and advancement to cater to the needs of your members?

We continually strive to connect with and attract prospective new members, via our marketing & events. To this end we have written a 3 Year Plan (2023 – 2026), which sets out to grow our membership from 270 to 400 members.

Kenilworth Runners Vision is:

  • to lead the way for club & community running in Warwickshire.
  • to foster an inclusive club that works with and develops its runners from beginners to experienced/elite, by offering a variety of runs throughout the week and is regularly represented at races across Warwickshire, the Midlands and the UK.
  • to be socially active, with a variety of activities and events for its membership
  • to promote a friendly environment, it welcomes new members and engages with its membership through a variety of communication channels and activities.

Our focus is on expanding the club and promoting running in Kenilworth, making it more accessible by running beginners courses and encouraging youth participation. We are looking forward to holding a guest evening shortly to encourage more people to take up running and this year we added a 5k option into our half marathon event for the first time.

Our fun run and school’s race on May Day are lovely, friendly events for the local community, even if competition for the much coveted school’s trophy can get pretty serious sometimes!

Question: What problem did we at Sustainable Medals help you solve?

At Kenilworth Runners we always try to be as environmentally aware as possible. A few years ago we switched our plastic water cups at races to a plant-based, compostable option so when we discovered Sustainable Medals they were a perfect fit for us. Their medals are a great sustainable and economic alternative to medals produced in the Far East but they also stand out from the crowd so we’ve had great feedback!


The Kenilworth Runners are more than just a running club; they are a vibrant, inclusive community of individuals who share a passion for running and a commitment to supporting one another. From seasoned marathoners to newcomers taking their first steps with the Couch to 5K program, this club welcomes everyone with open arms.

As we’ve explored in this blog post, the Kenilworth Runners’ mission to provide a supportive, social, and friendly running community is not just rhetoric—it’s a way of life for its members. They offer a wealth of training options, organise a variety of races and events, and continuously strive to nurture a sense of unity and accomplishment among their members.

Looking ahead, the Kenilworth Runners have a clear vision for the future—expansion, inclusivity, and community engagement are at the forefront. By staying true to their values and fostering a welcoming environment, they aim to lead the way for club and community running in Warwickshire.

In a world where community and environmental consciousness are more important than ever, it’s refreshing to see organisations like the Kenilworth Runners taking the lead. Their commitment to sustainability, demonstrated by their partnership with us at Sustainable Medals, is a testament to their dedication to making a positive impact not only on their members but also on the environment.

In the Kenilworth Runners, we find not just a running club, but a source of inspiration for anyone seeking to embrace a healthier lifestyle, build lasting friendships, and make a difference in their local community. So whether you’re an experienced marathoner or someone looking to start your running journey, the Kenilworth Runners are ready to welcome you with open arms and help you achieve your goals—one stride at a time.

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