Meet Our Customers: An Interview with The Hampshire Tour Series

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A Hampshire Tour Series cyclist enthusiastically giving the thumbs up on a road, excitedly looking forward to receiving a wooden medal.

Meet Our Customers: An Interview with The Hampshire Tour Series


In the picturesque county of Hampshire, a series of cycling sportives has emerged, created by cyclists, for cyclists. The Hampshire Tour Series is more than just a collection of cycling events; it’s a celebration of the breathtaking cycle routes that this region has to offer. What began as a single event has now expanded into three exhilarating sportives, all designed to showcase the natural beauty and cycling-friendly terrain of Hampshire. However, this series is not only about pedaling through scenic landscapes; it’s about making a positive impact on the community.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Hampshire Tour Series, exploring its background, core mission, and the incredible experiences it offers to cyclists of all abilities. From the scenic routes to the sense of unity it fosters, this cycling series is truly a testament to the spirit of community and the love of cycling.

Question: Could you provide some insights into the background and core mission of the 

Hampshire Tour Series is a series of 3 cycle sportives that has been set up by local cyclists for cyclists to show off the fantastic cycle routes that the county has to offer. We started with one event and have expanded to include 3 sportives across Hampshire, all helping to raise money for our charity partner Naomi House & Jacksplace, a Winchester based young adults hospice.

Question: What type of individuals typically become members of the Hampshire Tour Series, and what are their aspirations and driving forces?

We cater for all cycling abilities at our events, and have participants who have never done an organised sportive before having recently got into cycling up to competitive cyclists. We promote cycling for all in the community so make our events as accessible as possible. Hampshire Tour Series is also committed to giving back to the community too, through donating to our charity partner but also helping to promote multiple Hampshire based brands and businesses along the way.

Question: How does the Hampshire Tour Series provide assistance and motivation to individuals who are new to cycling or may not possess extensive experience?

Our sportives are set up so that all you need is yourself, your bike and a helmet and we take care of the rest. We provide riders with all of the information they need about the route and what to expect on the day, to help guide them through the process. All of our routes are fully sign-posted and we provide GPS files ahead of the event in case you want to follow the route on your device too. All riders receive a full event briefing before they start, and we also have route marshals both static and on motorbikes to ensure everyone is safe and enjoys themselves.

Question: Could you outline the training routines or coaching options available through the Hampshire Tour Series, and how do these offerings enhance the experience for members?

We do not offer any ready-made training routines or coaching services, but all of our events have a beginner level route catered for beginners, which is around 20-30 miles.

Question: What sorts of activities and events does the Hampshire Tour Series arrange, and how do these contribute to the sense of unity within the club/ organisation?

At our events we have a full start/finish HQ where riders can relax with a hot drink, soft drink or refreshments before and after the race, as well as mingle with local businesses like bike brands and kit suppliers. We also have an on-site masseuse who will provide post-ride massages to soothe sore legs. Our sportives are very social events and are a great opportunity for cyclists to meet other like-minded cyclists too.

Question: Do you have any stories of accomplishment to share about members who have realised their fitness or cycling objectives through the Hampshire Tour Series?

Over the years we have had a number of participants of all ages who are taking part in their first ever organised event and have come back year after year having thoroughly enjoyed their experience. This ranges from a 10 year old who put many seasoned cyclists to shame on our 30 mile route at the Tour of Silchester, to locals in their 50s and 60s just discovering what fantastic cycling routes are on their doorstep, discovering parts of the county they never knew existed.

Question: What is your vision for the future of the Hampshire Tour Series, and how do you intend to foster expansion and advancement to cater to the needs of your members?

Over the next couple of years we want to keep growing our events to show cyclists not just in Hampshire but all over the south of the UK our stunning county. We want to do this by engaging with more cycling clubs and communities to help spread the word, through local networks and the businesses with which we work alongside. We also want to continually work with our participants, hearing their voice in what we can do to improve their experience when they ride with us.

Question: What problem did we at Sustainable Medals help you solve?

The medals from Sustainable Medals helped us give something back to our participants that was a worthy memento of their day on the bike. Sustainability was important when picking the medal, ensuring we do not waste materials along the way, particularly important to help preserve the natural beauty of the areas we run our events in. There’s a lot of organisation involved with organising sporting events, so to have a supplier as easy to work with for things like this is really valuable, and the medals look fantastic too.


The Hampshire Tour Series is more than just a cycling event—it’s a celebration of the joy of cycling, the beauty of Hampshire’s landscapes, and the power of community. With a mission deeply rooted in giving back, this cycling series has become a platform for both experienced cyclists and newcomers to come together, share their passion, and support a worthy cause.

As we’ve discovered in this blog post, the Hampshire Tour Series welcomes cyclists of all abilities and provides the assistance and motivation needed for those new to cycling or seeking to enhance their skills. From well-marked routes to informative briefings and safety measures, every detail is considered to ensure that participants can focus on the ride and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

The Hampshire Tour Series is not just about the sportive itself; it’s about the vibrant atmosphere it creates at each event. The start and finish headquarters offer a place for cyclists to connect, relax, and interact with local businesses, strengthening the sense of unity within the cycling community.

Looking ahead, the vision for the Hampshire Tour Series is one of growth and continued community engagement. The goal is to expand their reach, sharing the beauty of Hampshire’s cycling routes with enthusiasts from all over the south of the UK. By collaborating with local cycling clubs and communities and listening to the voices of their participants, they aim to continually improve and cater to the evolving needs of their members.

One crucial aspect of their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their choice of medals from Sustainable Medals. These medals not only serve as mementos of a remarkable cycling experience but also align with the series’ dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the areas where their events take place.

In conclusion, the Hampshire Tour Series is a testament to the power of cycling, community, and giving back. It offers an opportunity for cyclists to explore Hampshire’s scenic landscapes, forge connections, and make lasting memories. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, this series has something special to offer, and it’s paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for cycling events in the region.

Hampshire Tour Series Wooden Cycling Medals
Hampshire Tour Series Wooden Cycling Medals