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Meet our Customers: Sevenoaks Athletics Club

In the heart of Kent, Sevenoaks Athletic Club (AC) has been leaving a remarkable impact on the local running community for several decades. Formed in the late 1970s by a dedicated group of parents, the club’s initial mission was to nurture young talent in athletics. Over the years, as the running boom swept across the nation, Sevenoaks AC expanded its wings, embracing adult senior athletics and fostering a culture of camaraderie and athletic excellence.

At Sustainable Medals, we feel honored and privileged to be part of Sevenoaks AC’s journey. It brings us immense joy to support their commitment to sustainability by providing them with eco-friendly wooden medals for their events. As a company dedicated to promoting eco-conscious practices, we share in their vision of a greener, more environmentally responsible future for sports events. Together, we strive to celebrate achievements while also taking meaningful steps towards preserving the natural beauty that inspires us to run, compete, and come together as a community.

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Tell us a little about the history and mission of your running club?

Sevenoaks AC was formed in the late 1970’s by a group of parents to provide opportunities for young people in athletics. It quickly established itself in the Kent wide junior athletic scene competing in track and field and cross country. By the early 1980’s the club had expanded into adult senior athletics as the running boom of that period led to new running and athletic clubs forming throughout the country.

What kind of people typically join your running club, and what are their goals and motivations?

The Junior section of the club is very popular and we accept youngsters from the age of 9 but the demand is such that we have a waiting list. Most children of that age just like to run. Social running is now popular as part of a healthy lifestyle but newcomers often want to  improve and to run with others for social and safety reasons. The opportunities we provide for competition in a range of athletic disciplines is also an attraction.

How does your running club support and encourage members who are new to running or who may not have much experience?

For junior athletes we offer structured coaching, indoors in the winter and on a running track in the summer. Within the senior members of the club we have a wide range of ability and ages and make sure newcomers are helped to find others of a similar ability to train with and get to know the club. We also have an active WhatsApp group where ideas are discussed and  passed on, as well as an informative website.


What kind of training programs or coaching services does your running club offer, and how do these benefit members?

The Junior section is managed by coaches and run leaders who oversee structured training sessions geared to age and ability. In the Senior section of the club our training sessions are geared to cater for all abilities with help and advice always available. Our Thursday track speedwork session is coach led.


What kinds of activities and events does your running club organise, and how do these contribute to the club’s sense of community?

In addition to training sessions, both the Junior and Senior sections of the club organise teams for cross country and track and field leagues. We also have a range of internal competitions which include handicap races, trail runs and also social get togethers.

Our big event of the year is the Sevenoaks 7 race which attracts entrants from a wide range of clubs within Kent and helps to raise money for charity.

Can you share any success stories of members who have achieved their fitness or running goals with the help of your running club?

There are too many to mention, but we have many examples within the club of members completing very long distance endurance events stretching over days, or surprising themselves by achieving high national age group performance rankings.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting their own community running club?

Seek out other like minded people in the community as it’s much easier to do it as part of a team, but also make sure you take advice from the relevant national body.


Finally, what do you see as the future of your running club, and how do you plan to continue growing and evolving to meet the needs of your members?

The future looks bright and it’s been great to see a better gender balance develop over recent years.

As Sevenoaks Athletic Club looks towards the future, it envisions a path illuminated with boundless possibilities. Its commitment to providing a nurturing environment for budding athletes remains unwavering, with a particular focus on supporting newcomers to the running world. The club’s community-oriented spirit continues to thrive, with an array of events, competitions, and social gatherings that foster lasting connections among members. With its sights set on growth and evolution, Sevenoaks AC stands poised to continue making strides, shaping countless success stories, and embracing a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow for all those who share a passion for running.

Find out more about the Sevenoaks Athletic Club by visiting their website here:

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